Types of Lessons

Riverwood Golf Club is dedicated to growing the game of golf through fun and professional instruction. Each instructor is well qualified and has gone through PGA Training. We would like to invite you to join us in improving your own game, whether it is for competition, pleasure, social networking, or business contacts.

Full Swing

Our complete swing lessons will provide knowledge to the student in the following areas to apply it to their game:

  • Grip, Aim, Stance, Posture
  • Alignments of the main body components
  • Plane awareness
  • Length of the swing for different distances
  • Weight transfer to a full finish
  • Impact- delivering the most force with the least amount of effort

Short Game

The opportunity to develop a neglected part of the game is the purpose of our short game lessons. Our instructors will extend their knowledge of creativity around the greens to get the ball into the hole in fewer shots. The key areas of focus include:

  • Pitching
  • Chipping
  • Bunker play
  • Club selection
  • Trajectory and spin control


This is the most important aspect of golf. A putting lesson will cover the following areas to help improve your overall score:

  • Path
  • Face
  • Grip
  • Aim
  • Alignments
  • Reading the Green


Our instructors will accompany the student to a round of golf. The student will be helped with many aspects of on course management needed to lower scores.

  • Course Management
  • Understanding positioning
  • GIR, FIR, and Putting Stats
  • Club Selection
  • USGA Rules and options available